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apple mango

A shaved ice dessert made with rich, sweet apple mango. It is topped with fresh mango, drizzled with mango puree syrup, and contains aloe compote hidden within the ice to provide a delightful textural contrast.

Uji matcha

A perennially popular menu item. This delightful treat features a fragrant syrup made with an abundance of Gion Tsujiri Uji matcha, topped with fresh cream, Hokkaido red bean paste, and finished with a touch of gold leaf for a luxurious presentation.

white peach

We use homemade syrup made with water from Fushimi in Kyoto, combined with strawberries, raspberries, and other ingredients. The syrup is infused with white peach, capturing its fragrance. Additionally, the dessert is topped with a generous half of a white peach compote, allowing you to fully savor the seasonal flavor of white peaches.

This year, we are offering three types of shaved ice: Uji matcha, white peach, and apple mango. From classic flavors to summer-themed originals using seasonal fruits, you can enjoy these treats while admiring the garden view.
Our shaved ice is made with pure ice, slowly frozen from natural water drawn from 150 meters underground, providing a fluffy texture that enhances the flavor of the syrup. The homemade syrups are made using "Fushimizu," the soft-tasting water used in sake brewing in Kyoto's Fushimi area, without any essences or alcohol, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural flavors of the fruits and matcha.

Period: July 1 (Mon) - August 31 (Sat)
Price: ¥2,800  (including tax and service charge)
Location: Lounge


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